Can You Solve This High School Math Problem?

Addition and subtraction are considered to be simple calculations. But when these simple equations are arranged in a particular way, and logical questions are added, it becomes a difficult task.

Below is a math puzzle. Are you already thinking on how to solve it? Okay. Onto the next step. Now time yourself to know how fast you can answer it. 

Solve the equation tactfully step-by-step. Don’t even think of scrolling down to get the answer. Let us engage our minds a little bit.

Are you done? Do you have your solution ready? How long have you taken to get the answer?

The Benefit of Brainteasers

Technically a brain teaser is a puzzle or a quiz that require you to solve it mainly for amusement. Quizzes require your speed and your thoughts to solve them. They stimulate your brain and help to relax, have fun and keep your mind away from your everyday activities.

These brainteasers improve your concentration ability and improve your memory. Regular mental training keeps you away from the risk of getting mental illnesses. They also make you more attentive in your day-to-day activities.

The Solution

Let’s now confirm whether you got the right answer.

This is how we solve the equation 7(7-2×3) =?

  1. First, we have to solve the multiplication in the brackets: Multiplying 2 by 3 gives us 6


  1. Still in the brackets, we subtract 6 from 7 to get 1


  1. Now, multiply 7 by 1 which equals to 7


  1. There you go! The answer is 7

What did you get as your answer? Did you get it right? If you did, Congratulations and work well done! You are a top achiever of today’s test. Don’t forget to challenge your friends and family as well. Let them play with their minds a little bit. It’s important and healthy!

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