Are You Willing to Take a Trip Back to Elementary School? This Simple Equation Can Boost Your Logical Reasoning

Can you picture the good old school days when you were in your elementary school? Remember asking yourself how mathematics will help you in real life? But in the real sense, learning mathematics trains your brain to work like a muscle.

Well, a mental workout helps your brain a lot. Let’s try this out. Do you see the equation above? Are you already thinking on how to solve it? I can guess you are already grabbing your pen and paper. Okay. Then work it out

Do you remember your mathematics teacher telling you that you will always need math in your day-to-day life? The teacher was very right. Don’t even think of the algebra or trigonometry that are necessary for certain advanced engineering or architecture jobs. It is not even about the basic math you use when shopping for your groceries. Think about it like this. Math enhances your problem-solving skills, since math problems are solved step by step.

Let’s get back to the equation above. I know you have really flexed your brain muscle to get the answer. You have tried your best to solve the equation logically. By now, you must have your answer. 

If your answer is 6, Hurray! You got it right. 

Here is how we arrive at 6. The key clue to get this question is to always remember the order of operations: PEMDAS. With that in mind, then you will never get it wrong.

The Solution

Solving the equation: 30-12(1+1)

  1. First, we start with P for parentheses. To get the solution, we add 1+1, which equals 2. 30-12(2)
  2. Next, it’s multiplication. Multiply 12 by 2, which gives us 24. 30-24
  3. Lastly, we have subtraction. Subtracting 24 from 30 gives us 6.

That is how we simply do it! Did you get it right? Let us know the answer you got by commenting down below. You can also send this question to your friends and let them have their mental work out today.

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