Are You Genius to Solve This Tricky Math Problem?

When one math operation is used in an equation, solving that problem is considered as easy as 123. But what about using multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division all in one equation? Then this becomes a tricky puzzle to solve.

Now have a look at the math problem below. Do you think you can solve this? Is it an easy one for you? Before you start, what is the time?

Now start the timer to know how fast you can answer the question. Let’s see whether you can solve it within seconds, or is it in a few minutes?

Work on it and then write down the answer. I know you can do this! Don’t scroll down before you get the answer. Don’t cheat!

Okay, I hope you are done by now. What is your answer? Was it an easy one or a hard one? How long have you taken to tackle it?

The Benefit of Brainteasers

Quizzes work as a mental exercise that helps in boosting your brain activity. They reduce boredom and improve one’s memory and level of concentration. You can also use puzzles to relax your mind after a long day at work. When you regularly train your mind, this reduces the risk of mental illnesses such as dementia. Puzzles are also a great way to have fun and break the monotony from your daily activities.

The Solution 

Let’s now solve this equation together 60+60×0+1:

    1. To start off, we need to begin by solving the multiplication. 60 multiplied by 0 equals 0.
    2. Then let’s solve the rest of the equation. Add 60+0+1
  • There we have it! The answer is: 61

Did you get the answer? Did you pick the right solution? If you did, Congratulations! You must be a genius! You have passed today’s mathematics quiz. Let’s now create a challenge. Ensure you send this brainteaser to your friends and family and see what they get!

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