How Fast Can You Solve This Tricky Equation Without a Calculator?

Everyone is trying this mathematical riddle, but only a few are getting it right. While it is a simple math problem to solve, many who have tried it aren’t giving it the keen eye it needs. 

And don’t be lured by its small figures and simple configuration. There could be more than what a good eye spot. You will need a more in-depth look to solve it out correctly. Be that as it may, it is one brainteaser you wouldn’t want to go without trying. 

Let’s find out why you should take part in this and other brain teasers in the first place?

Why Brainteasers Are Good for You

If you dislike brain teasers and quizzes, then you are doing a disservice to your brain. You’re making it sleep more than it should. When you engage your brain in these quizzes, especially math quizzes, you’re activating it to explore its full potential. 

Brainteasers will keep your mind sharp, change the way you think, and improve your cognitive skills in the long run. So many benefits to enjoy here.

Below is a brainteaser that will help your brain exercise its power. Try it out genuinely, and only quit trying when you’ve tried all your options. 

There’s a solution at the end of the article for reference.

Here’s the challenge, let’s face it!

Get the Solution to This as Fast as You Can

You are probably thinking BODMAS right now, aren’t you? You could be taking the right direction of thought, but you could also be wrong altogether. That depends on you to find out at this juncture.

If you are sharp enough, you can solve it by just glancing at it, no need for pen and paper. But don’t feel shy to use one if that’s what it’ll take to come up with the right answer. Just don’t use a calculator!

Has Your Brain Cracked It Already? Let’s Work It Out together.

Suppose you had thought of BODMAS (Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) earlier, congratulations! You were right. 

With the equation reading 50 + 50 – 25 x 0 + 2 + 2, you’ll jump off to multiplication as there are no brackets and divisions to solve.

So that means the first solution step will be:

25 x 0 = 0

The equation will then be:

50 + 50 – 0 + 2 + 2 =?

You’ll now go for all the additions:

50 + 50 + 2 + 2 = 104

Now your equation will be:

104 – 0 =?

You see the answer already, right?

If not, check below for the final answer.

The Solution

The correct solution is: 104 – 0 = 104.

Suppose you got it earlier, congratulations! You’re a genius.

If you are getting it now, you are still outstanding. You must have given your brain the exercise it needed to be active. 

Don’t enjoy this fun alone. Let your friends know about it too. Please share it with them and only release the correct answer after they have tried it out genuinely by themselves. Spread the fun!

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