Take a Look at this Math Test. It is Meant for Middle School Students – But Can You Solve It? 

Almost everyone can agree that solving math quizzes in middle school was a nightmare. But now, it’s a lot of fun to try and come up with correct solutions for these math problems. It helps you put your brain to the test and sharpen your evaluation skills. 

As an added plus, you also learn how to get in touch with your logical side. It might seem like a tedious practice at first, much like starting a gym workout. But after you crack this math quiz, you will be much happier with yourself.

Let’s take a look:

Out of the three solutions, A, B, and C, which one do you think is the right one? Can you solve it?

If you need a hint, keep scrolling to find out.





The important thing to keep in mind is the order in which you start solving the problem. You could scroll to the bottom first and confirm the correct answer.

The primary arithmetic rule to apply here is PEMDAS

For starters, you will solve the part of the quiz enclosed in the parenthesis

That is;

(2+1) which gives you 3. 

The next step is to solve the multiplication of 7 and 3 (7 x 3), whose solution is 21.

The last step will be adding the two remaining solutions, 5+21= 26. 

From the options listed in the quiz, the correct answer should be B! 26! 

Have you managed to solve it? Well, pat yourself on the back!

Which one of your friends might be interested in giving this a try? Be sure to have them solve this exercise too! 

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