Less than 15% Of People Manage To Find All The Holes In This T-Shirt. Can You?

This simple exercise has gone viral for being much harder than it looks. It’s been driving internet users the world over crazy! You might want to try your luck at it; perhaps you’re one of the genius 15% that got it right? 

Look at the shirt below. How many holes does it have? The answer is not as easy as you might think, so take your time to really consider this. Whatever you do, make sure not to peak at the answer until you have your final solution. 

The Solution 

If you guessed 8 holes, then you guessed correctly! If not, don’t worry; few people get it right on the first time. This exercise actually features a trick question, and here’s how you should have solved this problem. 

There are 4 holes in the middle of the shirt; two in front and two at the back. 

There’s also a hole for your neck, two holes for your arms, and one at the bottom where the shirt ends. Compiled, these make four holes. 

Why You Got It Wrong 

No need to beat yourself up for getting it wrong. However, you can learn from what you did not see; sometimes, problem-solving requires thinking outside the box. Instead of looking at the obvious answer, ask yourself what the full scope of the question could mean. A hole does not have to be a rip in the shirt that appeared with damage or being worn out; any opening is in fact, a hole. The fact that you are able to see through the shirt to the white background behind it should also be a hint that the t-shirt has a hole at the back, or else you would see the blue of the inside of the fabric of the shirt’s back through the two front holes. 

How To Think More Comprehensively 

Having a more comprehensive (or varied) approach to problem-solving will help you in many areas of your life, not just in solving fun internet puzzles. It will help you see things your colleagues might not and find solutions to problems those around you might overlook. The key is to consider the question extensively before answering it and not leaping at the obvious. Ask yourself the many ways in which a question could be interpreted, and find a solution that matches all of them.  

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