Who Is The Real Mother Of The Child? Your Answer Will Reveal The Type Of Personality You Have

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary—it’s an act of infinite optimism,” Gilda Radner, an American actress, once said.


In this personality test, you do not need to be a mother to figure out your personality type. Take a look at the image below:

As you can see in the above image, two women are sitting on chairs opposite each other with a child playing with toys on the floor.


While either of them can be the child’s real mother, there is only one correct answer. Whichever mother you pick will tell a lot about your character.


Now, which one do you think is the mother?


If you have your answer already, keep reading.


Woman On The Left

If you chose the woman sitting on the left side of the room, unfortunately, you got the answer wrong. But let’s see what your answer reveals about you.


Your answer means that you are more likely to be the creative type. Being fond of the arts and crafts is something innate to you. That is probably why you are good at thinking outside the box and letting your imagination run free. You have the potential to invent something great. And along with your vast imagination is your sense of humor that other people like.


Aside from the arts, you also have a unique taste in music. This is usually what makes your opinion respected by others because you know how to think thoroughly and assess situations properly. And because of this, you have learned empathy at great lengths which makes you a good person inside and out.


Naturally, you also have big ambitions and you work hard to achieve those dreams. Your tenacity and courage are two things that guide you to becoming a successful person. And all those savings and keeping track of your expenses will soon pay off as you value your money more than others.


Woman On The Right

If you chose the woman sitting on the right side of the room, you definitely got the right person. If you have observed it correctly, the child playing on the floor is subconsciously facing his mother as an act of asking for approval. That is how you decipher who the real mother is in this tricky image.


Your answer means that your brain’s left hemisphere, which is responsible for logic and reasoning, is what helped you find the correct answer. It tells you that you are an analytical type of person which is the reason you got good grades when you were in school.


You are also the secretive type that makes other people put their trust in you without fail. You have a strong personality that people find fascinating. Family and friends always come first for you, however, you also find peace in being alone and independent in life. 


Do you think your answer matched your personality type? Make sure to share this personality quiz with your friends and see them have fun answering!


Written by Janessa Binoya

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