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    What do you call the seed in the middle of a cherry?

    • Stem
    • Hull
    • Pit
    • Core
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    Which word is spelled wrong?

    • Fallacy
    • Expense
    • Cimmission
    • Depth
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    What landmark was actually carved out by the Colorado River, although legend says Paul Bunyan did it by dragging his ax?

    • Badlands
    • Everglades
    • Valley Forge
    • Grand Canyon
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    Fill in the blank. In California, US 101 is the Hollywood ____, which leads into the Ventura ___.

    • River
    • Square
    • Boulevard
    • Bowl
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    Who sang the famous song “Tell Me Why” (1970)?

    • Apocalyptica
    • Neil Young
    • Midnight Oil
    • Luka Bloom
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    Which US western TV series was set in Dodge City, Kansas?

    • I Love Lucy
    • Wagon Train
    • Lone Ranger
    • Gunsmoke
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    What do we call things that directly affect all activities of cells?

    • Stimuli
    • Stamina
    • Alveoli
    • Effervescent
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    Fishers in the Rockies tell tall tales of catching what fur-bearing oncorhynchus, perhaps in the rainbow, brown or golden varieties?

    • Pike
    • Bass
    • Salmon
    • Trout
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    Who wrote “Through the Looking-Glass”?

    • Lewis Carroll
    • George Eliot
    • Jack London
    • Jonathan Wyss
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    Whose capture is commemorated every November 5th with bonfires and fireworks?

    • Charles I
    • Fred Firecracker
    • Everard Digby
    • Guy Fawkes

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