What You See First Reveals The Truth About How Others Perceive You

Whether we admit it or not, we have always acted in ways that other people will see positively. Albeit sometimes, we should not really care about how other people judge us, that is if we want to keep our peace of mind.


But if given a chance, would you want to know what other people think about you? If you answered yes, then feel free to take this picture test and you’ll figure out the answer soon.


Take a close look at the image below and remember what’s the first form you noticed. Your answer will tell how other people perceive you.


What Did You See First?


There are two options for this test: a man’s face or a woman’s body.


Face Of A Man

If you saw the man’s face, you are likely to be a rational person who is good at keeping your emotions in check. The people around you can’t easily tell what you’re feeling at the moment, especially in a stressful situation. That is because you are good at managing your emotions. 


You’re being rational and objective is what also makes you a good leader that other people look up to. You are very analytical and you keep your word to your constituents once you made a decision.


While you can easily adapt to your environment, you do not go the road most taken. You have your own goals and vision to keep you on the right path.


Your strong personality and natural curiosity are what people admire about you. And what most people do not know is that you put other people’s needs before you, especially your family and friends. But there could also be times when you will need reassurance that the love you give is being given to you back.


A Woman’s Body

If you saw the body of a woman, it means that you are a generous and loving person. You are an optimist and you easily influence other people with your positive outlook on life.


When in a group, you are great at working together with other people as you always have a high motivation for yourself and for them. When you set a goal, you stick to it and do not let anyone take the drive away from you.


You have great interpersonal skills and usually know the reason behind someone’s behavior and actions. This essential skill is what helps you easily adjust to your surroundings and be empathetic. You take measures before you do or say anything to ensure that you do not do harm to anyone.


But despite being a highly-motivated individual, you can also get easily affected by other people’s energy. That is why you are careful in choosing your circle of friends that help keep you from being astray from your goals. If other people try to cross you, you immediately set healthy boundaries between them and try to keep a good relationship with them.


What was the result you got? Spread the word to your friends and family and find out if you have matching results!

Written by Janessa Binoya

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