Which Face Is Happier? The Answer Will Reveal How Your Brain Works

According to psychology, every individual has a dominant side of the brain – the left hemisphere or the right hemisphere. And though these hemispheres have different functions, they still work together to help make up your personality. Thus, each of us has a unique way of processing thoughts and ideas, depending on which side of our brain is dominant.


Here’s how psychology explains it:

  • If you’re left-brained, you tend to have a more practical, rational, and objective outlook on life.
  • If you’re right-brained, your intuitions are stronger so you tend to be subjective on matters around you.


Since the two brain hemispheres function differently, they are then connected by a bridge called the corpus callosum (Latin for “tough body”). This connective pathway allows information to pass between the two halves, which is especially important in activities that require both sides of the brain to work together.


Bruno Dubuc, a neuroscientist who developed his website The Brain from Top to Bottom, mentioned that each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. Basically, your left brain controls the right side of your body while your right brain controls the left side.


In the 19th century, a pair of neuroscientists – Dr. Pierre Paul Broca and Dr. Karl Wernicke – found out that people who have problems with language processes have damage to their left brain. The specific areas affected are responsible for a person’s speech, and so they concluded that the language skill is one of the many functions of the left side of the brain.


Now let’s take a look at the personality test we’ve prepared for you and find out yourself if you are a left-brained or a right-brained person.


Which Face Appears To Be Happier?


By looking closely at each face, which one do you think is happier?


If you already have your answer, keep on reading and find out how your brain works.


Face A

If you chose Face A as the happier face, then you are likely to be left-brained. As mentioned above, it means that you are analytical and have a practical approach to life. Your analysis is your stronger drive than emotions, especially when making decisions. Since you’re a logical person, you have great critical thinking skills, and may sometimes overthink things. Your decisions and conclusions are usually right since you take your time thinking about things before committing to them.


Face B

If you chose Face B as the happier face, then you are right-brained and more likely to be a creative type of person. You have a subjective approach to life and love expressing yourself in any way that you can. Since you’re creative, you are great at thinking outside the box and often have unique ideas to bring to the table. Your vast imagination takes you places and lets you create beautiful things.


Just a friendly reminder:

Whether you’re left-brained or right-brained, you are unique in your own little ways and that’s what makes you an amazing human being.


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Written by Janessa Binoya

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