Only 1% Of People Can See The Animal In The Picture

If you like solving puzzles and playing mind games, then you probably have already developed your observation skills and a keen eye for details.


Below is a tricky quiz we have prepared for you that will surely challenge your brain teaser skills!


Observe the image below and see if you can find the hidden animal. If you find it confusing, we totally understand. This is an optical illusion that only 1% of people figured out the answer to.


Can You Spot The Animal In The Picture?


A long time ago, Christian people in Britain had practiced obscuring the initials chi and rho (Greek alphabets for ch/K and R) in frame motifs of their paintings. This tendency to deceive, hide, and obscure truth in the form of art has been going on for centuries.


But obscuring something also means finding the hidden truth behind it. It’s one of the well-known purposes of art – aside from providing aesthetics, it also makes you think of what could be its meaning.


This particular brain exercise can also help you know yourself better.


And since a lot of personality tests aim to depict your true self, psychologists have incorporated art in several of their works.


This viral optical illusion has been around the internet and people have claimed that only 1% managed to find the answer in the first two minutes. If you want to give it a try, keep reading.


If you look at the image carefully, apparently it’s an old man wearing a Scottish hat with a face expressing sadness or annoyance. 


But where is the animal?


If you haven’t found it yet, just take your time.


Clues To Help You Solve This Quiz

Hint #1: If you look at the old man’s hat, it doesn’t seem to be a regular hat. And if you look closely at the top of his nose, something seems odd.


Hint #2: If you recall, you’ll realize that animals usually have fur or fuzzy hair. If you look closely at the old man’s ear, you’ll probably realize that human ears do not look like that.


Hint #3: Take a close look at the old man’s beard. The hair growth of his beard doesn’t seem to be in the right direction.


Are you almost there?


Keep trying and you’ll definitely see the hidden animal!


If you haven’t figured it out yet, just focus on the hints provided and you will surely find the answer.


Are you ready for the answer?


Here’s a simple trick:


Turn the picture upside-down and you’ll see the animal.


The Big Reveal

(Original illustration drawn by Russian cartoonist Valentine Dubinin)


The hidden animal is a puppy chewing on a bone, sitting on a carpet with diagonal stripes.


If you were able to spot the animal quickly, it could mean two things:


  • You have great attention to detail and have sharp eyes.
  • You could still have a childish side from your Where’s Waldo childhood memories!


The truth is, children are actually better at spotting things out of the ordinary as they tend to be more attentive to the little things!


If you managed to solve this mental exercise, congratulations! You got in the 1%!


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Written by Janessa Binoya

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