The Image You See First In This Optical Illusion Reveals Your ‘Type A’ Personality Level

In the 1950s, doctors Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman devised the Type A/B personality theory. And though this theory was originally meant for cardiology, there is also a psychological side that came out of it.


People with a Type A personality are usually those who strive to be high achievers. They are competitive in nature thus they are more likely to experience higher levels of stress.


In contrast, people with a Type B personality are more likely to enjoy the journey rather than the destination. They are more laid back thus they are less likely to experience stress and have a higher chance of living a longer life.


With that in mind, your personality type is said to be correlated with your behavior and physical health. Being able to know which type you are may help you understand yourself better and prepare yourself for certain situations.


In this visual test, whatever you see first will determine your level of being a Type A personality, if you are one.


Take a look at the optical illusion below. Try not to focus on it too much but rather take note of the first image that you noticed.


If you have an answer, keep reading and you’ll learn how Type A you are.


The Trees

If the trees caught your attention first, it means that you are a Type A personality. You are highly ambitious and always push yourself to be the best version of it. However, due to your competitive personality, you also tend to compete against yourself which can be stressful if you are not able to balance it. You may have troubles in some areas of life such as love, finances, or health.


Learn to find balance in your life by prioritizing each one properly. Through this, you will find it less stressful if you are able to find time for other important aspects of your life.


The Roots

If you noticed the roots first, it means that you are slightly a Type A. You are a highly-organized person but also tend to be forgetful on the side. When you make a plan and set a goal, your motivation at first may be soaring but eventually lose it in the middle. You have great attention to detail but can also be easily distracted by small things, causing you to lose focus on your goals.

The important thing to note is that you should always remind yourself of the reason for your goals. This will help you get back on track and finish what needs to be done.


The Lips

If the first thing you noticed is the lips, it means that you are a non-Type A, which basically falls under the Type B personality. When you have a goal, it does not matter to you if you’re the first one to finish it or if you’re even the best at it. The experiences you will get are what you really seek and desire. You prefer exploring different possibilities in achieving a goal rather than sticking to only one path.


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Written by Janessa Binoya

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