Optical Illusion Test: Can You Figure It Out In 10 Seconds?

Around 4000 years ago, our ancestors created the first written riddles. These riddles were written in Cuneiform, which is the writing technique used by ancient Sumerians.


In today’s age, riddles have evolved into more complicated ways which makes them fun and addictive!


Most of them will make you think twice, and some will make you look twice. It is either your visual perception or logical thinking skills that they put to test.


That’s why in this post, we are excited to share with you one of the most shared optical illusion tests of all time.


It’s getting its comeback and becoming a viral brain teaser for the last month!


So let’s get started and get your brains and eyes ready for this visual test.



Believe it or not, our minds have great capabilities to see and perceive the things around us. And that is why each one of us has different levels of perception and understanding.


Other people tend to be observant in nature, while some are not – it usually depends on your personality.


That is one good explanation as to why some people are good at solving puzzles than others.


What about you? Do you think you’re observant enough to figure out this brain teaser?


Well, we’re sure you are!



But now is the time to prove to us that you’re competitive enough for this tricky visual test.


So set aside whatever you’re doing right now and give your brain some mental workout it needs.


Take this time to concentrate on the image below:


The Puzzling Horse Image



While this image appears to be an ordinary picture you find in a stable, it will surely make you look twice and wonder.


Try to look closely and figure out which of the horse has its head seen in the picture. Because as you can see, there are two bodies, but only one head!


Don’t rush and just focus on the picture.


Did you observe anything?


Is there something different with the picture?


Or you’re probably thinking, “I think it’s really just a horse with two bodies, like in fairytales!”


Well, we assure you it’s not.


That is what makes it tricky, right?


Now if you’re ready to see the answer, keep scrolling.


The Answer



The correct answer is B! As you can see, the color of the horse’s mane matches that of horse B’s head!


Did you get it?


If you answer yes, good job! If not, then don’t worry as we will always have other riddles you can solve!


If you liked this brain teaser, make sure to share this with your family and friends!

Written by Janessa Binoya

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