How Many Eggs Are Left? Only A Few People Get The Correct Answer!

Studies show that riddles are helpful in improving your logical thinking, focus, and brain function.


At MyDailyBrain, we are committed to providing you with numerous riddles and other brain teasers to help you achieve a smarter way of thinking.


For this riddle, we want you to try out solving a tricky question that has been ruling the internet for the past weeks.


Are you ready for it?


Keep scrolling!


A lot of people have been wanting to pull their hair out trying to solve this.


Some people say it’s easy, while some had to cheat in order to find the answer!


Take this time to shift your focus in problem-solving and concentrate on the question below.


That way, it will help you find the correct answer in no time!


The topic of the riddle will be:


How many eggs do I have left?


To give you more information, take a look at the image below:



As the riddle said:


I have six eggs.

I broke two.

I cooked two.

I ate two.

How many eggs do I have left?


Take your time and imagine being the one who has the eggs.


You might not believe it, but only a few people actually got the correct answer.


This riddle may be simple, but it sure is confusing!



Now, we get your frustration.


Some of them said, “Why throw out the broken eggs when you can just make sure they’re clean?!”


And some said, “Why would you include other eggs that you won’t eat?!”


Well, you could!


However, this riddle does not want you to focus on cooking or eating the eggs, but to count how many you have left!


Do you have the answer now?


Keep scrolling and we’ll show you the correct answer!


Are you ready?



The correct answer is 4 EGGS!


Now you’re probably asking, “How did that happen?”


Let us explain.


Initially, you have six eggs, right?


If you broke the two, you still have four eggs.


However, you cooked and ate the two eggs that you broke!


Of course! How could you cook eggs if you don’t break the shell!


Hilarious, isn’t it?


This riddle was supposed to fool you into thinking that two of the broken eggs should be thrown out! Or that all six eggs are gone!


What was your answer? Did you get it right? Share this post with your friends and see if they figure out the answer without cheating!

Written by Janessa Binoya

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