One Animal Doesn’t Belong In The Group! Can You Get The Answer In 10 Seconds?

Are you excited to solve another trending picture puzzle?


Then, we got you!


We know that you will always be up for different challenges, and so we created a couple of brain teasers that will surely test your logical thinking and observation skills.


Are you ready?


Here’s the question:



In the above picture, there are four different animals, namely: a whale, a cat, a frog, and an elephant. These animals can be seen in different places and do not really have that much in common. And to solve the puzzle, you have to figure out which of these animals does not belong in the group.


Now put your thinking cap on and start thinking about which animal is different.


The answer could be tricky, so take your time to analyze your answer before you share it with others.



Do you have the answer now?


Let’s see.


Did you pick the whale?


If you did, then think again because you probably got tricked and picked the wrong animal!


Now, get back to the question and analyze your answer one more time.


When you think you got the correct animal, keep scrolling down so you can verify your answer.



The correct answer is FROG!


The other three animals are mammals, while the frog is an amphibian!


If you got the correct answer, you did a great job!


If not, then don’t worry as we have another picture puzzle for you.


So take this chance to prove yourself as a brain teaser master!


Here’s the question:



Similar to the previous question, you have to find out which one is different.


However, this is a different set of objects which include a coat, a scarf, gloves, and shorts.


One of these garments does not belong in the group and you’ll surely figure out why!


Now here’s a clue:


The answer has something to do with seasons, but that’s the only clue we can give you!


So put your thinking cap on once again and when you’re ready, scroll down to verify your answer.



The answer is SHORTS!


As you can see, you can only wear them during the summer. You definitely can’t wear them during winter, unlike the other three which are: a coat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves.


What do you think about these puzzles? Share these brain teasers with your family and friends!

Written by Janessa Binoya

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