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    Of these, which is NOT a city in France?

    • Mumbai
    • Marseille
    • Paris
    • Lyon
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    What well-known building in Asia symbolizes eternal love and is widely considered as one of the world’s most beautiful buildings?

    • The Taj Mahal
    • The Potala Palace
    • The Great Sphinx of Giza
    • Angkor Wat
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    In what U.S. state are the cities of Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville located?

    • Tennessee
    • North Carolina
    • Georgia
    • Iowa
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    Which of these substances is NOT metallic?

    • Pewter
    • Brass
    • Talc
    • Bronze
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    Katy Perry wore a jacket with a tiger on it for the cover of what 2013 hit single?

    • Roar
    • Firework
    • Hummingbird Heartbeat
    • Who You Love
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    Which US President was formerly a peanut farmer as well as a writer?

    • Ronald Reagan
    • Richard Nixon
    • Jimmy Carter
    • Gerald Ford
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    Who was the author of “Treasure Island”?

    • Ernest Hemingway
    • Charles Dickens
    • James Fenimore Cooper
    • Robert Louis Stevenson
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    Which one of these is the national spice of Hungary?

    • Paprika
    • Dull
    • Dill
    • Philly
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    What word means threatening or menacing?

    • Bewildered
    • Ominous
    • Nettled
    • Superfluous
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    Of which state was Bill Clinton Governor prior to becoming President in 1992?

    • Arkansas
    • Alabama
    • Alaska
    • Arizona

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