Can You Get The Correct Answer To This Tricky Visual Riddle?

Only a few people on the internet can get the correct answer to this circle puzzle.


But a lot have been trying, yet are still unsuccessful in figuring out what the right answer is.


To test your mental sharpness, we recreated this famous quiz that has been going around social media lately.


Since the pandemic started, many people have been choosing and mandated to work from home. This could mean a mundane schedule of work and house chores with very limited time to socialize with peers.


This is where we come into play. At MyDailyBrain, we provide you with multiple brain teasers, puzzles, and quizzes that will help take the boredom out of your downtime.



If you’re looking for something to exercise your brain with, then keep reading.


This riddle may look very simple, but can actually be really confusing when you try to answer.


It is all over the internet and we are just as hyped as everyone else!


Now get ready and put your thinking caps on!


The Puzzle

Multiple research studies have already proven that brain exercises even for a few minutes daily can actually help improve focus and concentration. The brain is just as important as any other muscles in our body that need exercise.


And now for the challenge, try to solve it as fast as you can and challenge your friends as well.



The Solution

Did you figure out the answer?


It might look very confusing, but it’s really simple once you realize it.


Now, let’s check your answer.



The correct answer is 5 circles!


Wasn’t that complicated, was it?


Don’t forget to share this with your friends and compare your answers!

Written by Janessa Binoya

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