Are You a Math Pro? It’s Time to Prove Us Right

Playing a mind game is not always a bad idea. It’s a good way to keep your mind active. So, try and stretch your mind-muscle with this mathematics riddle. One thing to note – do not assume anything; keep an eye on all details. Everything may not be as it seems!

The Benefits of Brain Teasers?

Stimulating our brains is an important thing to keep them re-energized. And the best way we do that is by keeping up with brainteasers. They work best to keep our minds in tip-top shape. At least you can have a chance to forget your daily routine for a minute and venture into another world. Besides, they help enhance the ability to solve problems, and they are creative ways to boost your mind. You can always start your day with a brainteaser, you’ll thank me later.

Let’s See How Fast You Can Solve This Horse Riddle:

Can you see the mathematics riddle below? It’s your turn to test your mathematics skills. One key thing is focus, focus, and focus. In case it’s above your head, the answers are beneath the question. But only peep only after attempting. Are you ready? Let’s get right to it!

How is the progress so far? Is the question clear? Well, it’s time to put it down on paper. Okay. Are you done? Keep your answer in hand. Let’s see whether you’re wrong or right.

Time to Get the Solution – Follow Closely


The man purchases a horse for $50; that is, his money stands at -$50

Next, he sells it for $60, which equals -$50+$60= $10, Thus a $10 profit

He buys the horse once more for $70. So, this time, $10-$70= -$60, this terms as a $60 debt. 

Finally, he sells the horse for $80. Which means -$60+$80= $20, Equivalent to a $20 profit.


In the end, the man created a $20 profit.

Is it a failure or a win? In case you got it correct, Congratulations! We approve you are a mathematics pro. Make this more fun by challenging your family too, and see who gets it right. 

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