This Optical Illusion Test Will Reveal How Gullible You Are

This tricky illusion will test if you have a gullible personality. If you fail to get the correct answer, then it proves you have zero social skills.


But then again, that wasn’t true. And if you believed that, you definitely need to take this test.


As human beings, it is in our nature to feel empathetic toward one another. People can be good or evil, but many of us choose to focus on the goodness of others. However, no matter how kindly you treat the people around you, there will be times when they will take advantage of that kindness.


As defined by Oxford Languages, a gullible person is someone who is easily persuaded to believe something. Although this may seem like a negative trait, it does not mean being stupid or believing literally everything you’re told. Being gullible could also mean that you are giving people the benefit of the doubt and hoping they are telling the truth. If compared to being too skeptical and judgmental of others, gullibility may even sound better.


Now let’s put that topic to the test.


This optical illusion has been doing the rounds on social media platforms recently. It is said to reveal how gullible you are depending on how you perceived the image.


For this test, you will be shown a negative space art created by Noma Bar, an Israeli graphic designer, illustrator, and artist. Once you look at the image, the object you see first will determine if you are a gullible person or not.


Are you ready to try this test?


Do your best to remember the first thing you notice and don’t think too much about it.


The Gullible Personality Test

Take a close look at the image below and take note of the first thing you saw.


Did you see a penguin?


Or did you see the man first?


You may not know it, but optical illusions like this one use visual cues that are linked to our subconscious. So even if you don’t have to analyze it, this type of test will tell you a lot about who you are as a person.


Let’s check and see your answer and see what it tells you.


A Penguin

If you saw the penguin first, you may not be a gullible person. You are highly intuitive and possess high emotional intelligence. Your experiences in life, whether good or bad, helped you become a better and wiser individual. It doesn’t matter to you if it will take a long time before you achieve your goals because you believe that good things come to those who wait. Even with regards to people, you take the time to know them well first before you trust them completely.


A Man

If you saw the man first, you may be a gullible person who easily trusts other people. This may be because you value your social life and it is important to you that you have many friends in your life. Even if your friends have contrasting personalities, you make sure that their voices are heard. That also makes you the mediator whenever your group gets involved in conflicts. And as a downside, you may sometimes find it hard to come up with resolutions as you don’t want people to see you as biased.


Did you find out if you’re gullible or not gullible? Don’t forget to share this test with your friends!


Written by Janessa Binoya

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