Unbeatable Mixed Trivia

We doubt you can get a perfect score in this trivia test.

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    What kind of precipitation is drizzle?

    • Sleet
    • Rain
    • Hail
    • Snow
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    What letter do you dial for murder, according to the title of a hit 50s movie?

    • J
    • X
    • M
    • Z
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    Which is the name of a hollow form used to cast a fluid or plastic medium, such as clay or metal?

    • Diagram
    • Pattern
    • Mold
    • Template
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    Which singer had a hit with “Jolene” in 1973?

    • Joan Baez
    • Dolly Parton
    • Aretha Franklin
    • Tammy Wynette
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    Why is a large part of a globe colored blue?

    • It’s The Color Of The Sky
    • It Contrasts Well With Other Colors
    • It’s A Nice Color
    • To Show Where Water Is On Earth
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    What did Hitler do during his youth?

    • Rugby
    • Baseball
    • Starve Himself
    • Paint
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    Which of these is a nickname for Napoleon?

    • The Little Corporal
    • El Captain
    • Iron Man
    • Shorty
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    Which film was the biggest box office hit of the 1990s?

    • Independence Day
    • Titanic
    • Men In Black
    • Jurassic Park
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    What’s it all about? On screen, who played Alfie Elkins?

    • Tony Curtis
    • Michael Caine
    • Elliott Gould
    • Sean Connery
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    What gets dumped on Carrie in the Brian de Palma movie, unleashing a telekinetic firestorm of revenge?

    • Ice
    • Pig’s Blood
    • Gatorade
    • Tar and Feathers

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