Trust Me, Most People Will Get This Wrong – Which Cup Fills Up fast?

It’s time to refresh your brain by giving it a slight strain. Just like the rest of the body, your brain needs some exercise to function properly. Remember, this brain teaser requires more of your attention than anything else. You’ll need to contemplate a little bit more than you think. 

When done, you can confirm your answer by scrolling down. Hoping you’ll not peep before getting your answer.

The Benefits of Brainteasers

Stimulating our brains is a crucial thing to keep them re-energized. And the best way we do that is by keeping up with brainteasers. They work best to keep our minds in tip-top shape. At least you can have a chance to forget your daily routine for a minute and venture into another world. 

Besides, they help enhance the ability to solve problems, and they are a creative way to boost your mind. You can always start your day with a brainteaser. You’ll thank me later.

You can use your clock to see how many seconds you’ll spend on the brain teaser. But let it be less than 20 seconds. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Which Cup Fills First?

Answer this question carefully and pay keen attention to each pipe that leads to each glass. Don’t be quick to answer it. Take your time. Focus, think, reason, and then say it! But remember, the question is testing your speed too, so keep track of time. You can do it!

Are You Done? Great! Let’s Move to the Solution

First, four glasses need to be filled with tea. But which one comes first? 

The correct answer is glass number 2. 

This is because all other pipes leading to the glasses are closed. Only glass number 2 is open to receiving the tea. Did you see that trick? Wow, you must be a person who is keen to detail. Hats off!

How was the brain teaser? Pass the fun to your family and friends and let them challenge their brains and see who wins. 

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