8 Images That Can Reveal The Truth About Yourself

Sometimes, there are things about ourselves that even we are not aware of. That is why personality tests are created so you can learn more about yourself.

We’ve collected 8 personality tests below that you can try. Remember not to take long in answering – your first instinct should be your final answer.

1. Choose a woman holding someone else’s baby and learn how you communicate with people.

  • Woman #1: You may not have a lot of friends, but you value those that you have. You are a private person and enjoy being alone, especially when making tough decisions. Your friends and family can depend on you, but sometimes you might be taken advantage of.
  • Woman #2: You’re a good listener and you don’t hold grudges to anyone. You have a lot of friends and other people who appreciate you. Sometimes, you base your decisions on what you feel at the moment, which can hurt you eventually.
  • Woman #3: You are a calm person and enjoy the company of other people. You can easily convince others when you’re on the right side of a situation. You can also be impulsive at times, which may cause you to regret decisions that you did not think through.


2. The image you see first will tell you about your professional qualities.

  • A woman with red lips: You have a strong character and a brilliant mind. You’re a survivor who has overcome life’s challenges and still came out victorious. Your talent leans on the social and creative field, making you a good candidate for careers in design and communications.
  • A hen: You think outside the box and are an optimist. You are grateful for the things you have and patient for the things to come. Your brilliance in science and mathematics can help you in architectural or financial careers.


3. Identify the first thing you see to learn how you think.

  • Fish: You like going with the flow and are a good problem-solver. You are wise but may lack effort and drive for your goals.
  • A girl: You are loved by the people who matter to you as much as you love them. You can be naive sometimes, so you need more time to think through a decision.
  • A starry sky: You are a philosopher who likes dreaming a lot. Your high spirit and out-of-the-box ideas can even make you start a revolution.


4. What you saw first is what you pay more attention to.

  • Elephant: You see the bigger picture in every situation and plans ahead according to your goals and vision.
  • Mouse: You are detail-oriented and organized. A career in psychology may fit you.


5. The image you see first is how you handle difficult situations.

  • A keyhole: Your optimism helps you find solutions in trying times. You have a strong character and drive to reach your ambitions.
  • A little man: You may become sensitive and have self-doubts when faced with problems. But you still manage to solve them at the end of the day.


6. The mandala you pick tells where your concentration is.

  • Mandala #1: You give great focus on your career and becoming successful. You value your status in society that makes people respect you.
  • Mandala #2: You are a loving person who values relationships with family and friends. People can depend on you since you know how to be empathetic.
  • Mandala #3: You focus on self-improvement, whether it’s your appearance or your personality. You often follow your guts and instinct when making a decision.


7. What you saw first will tell how you use your power.

  • Boxing gloves: When you gain power, you intend to use them immediately, and spend them in short portions.
  • Arms with muscles: You are analytical and take the time before making a decision. You are constantly learning and applying that knowledge in everyday life.


8. The image you like the most tells you what kind of person you are.

  • Image #1: You are creative and artistic. You can make a good designer.
  • Image #2: You are realistic and engineering may work for you.
  • Image #3: You are social and can make a good educator.
  • Image #4: You are conventional so a career in management and administration may fit you.
  • Image #5: You are curious which can make you a great scientist.
  • Image #6: You have initiative and can make a good lawyer.
Images Source: Bright Side

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Written by Janessa Binoya

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