2 Fist Shapes That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Everyone probably has their own quirks and mannerisms they’re not aware of. Sometimes, we even notice other people’s behavior before we notice ours. For instance, the way we hold our fists is something we don’t really pay attention to. This post will tell you about your external, internal, and dating personality.


Being self-aware of your body language will help you understand yourself better, no matter how small the act is.


Try to close your fist for a moment. Observe the way you hold it and compare it with the image below.


Which number are you right now?


Keep reading and it will reveal more about your personality.


Fist No. 1


External Personality

You are sensitive, have a strong imagination, and have great intuition. Helping people is one of your missions in life as a compassionate person. You may feel insecure sometimes, but you don’t let those insecurities ruin your day and still keep your optimism at hand. Being patient is not your strongest suit yet you work hard for your dreams. You are full of energy which helps you explore the world around you and develop a sense of humor and curiosity.


Internal Personality

There are times when you crave recognition and acceptance from your peers for the good job you do. You go way above and beyond to treat people with kindness but often get taken advantage of because of it. A simple life is all you desire as you enjoy the adventures of life.


Dating Personality

You are not expressive of your emotions, which sometimes causes your partner to feel like their love is not being reciprocated. You may be impatient but when it comes to your other half, you set aside your bad temper so you won’t ruin the relationship. Putting other people before you is your motto as a selfless individual.


Fist No.2


External Personality

You are creative and full of talent. You view the world around you with an open mind so you have friends from diverse backgrounds. When helping people, what matters to you most is how you have helped them instead of how much you have helped. You are intelligent and confident that your self-esteem cannot be bent by others easily. One of your biggest goals is acquiring power so you work hard for it and stay flexible for any challenges that come your way.


Internal Personality

You may be seen as a confident person, but deep inside you have a sensitive and fragile soul. You have high expectations for other people which sometimes causes disappointment when they are not met.


Dating Personality

You have a tendency to always overthink things which causes depressive episodes on your part. It is difficult for you to let go of the negative things that happened in the past so you find it hard to focus on the present moment. You can be full of doubts sometimes and always need your partner to be beside you to keep you comfortable. Your love for your partner is real but your insecurities often get the best of you so always encounter rough patches in your relationship. 


In what way do you hold your fist? Share this article and ask your friends how they close their hands and let them know what it tells about them.


Written by Janessa Binoya

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